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Property maintenance


Avant and its daughter company Leguan Lifts have joined their forces and created an acces platform which is mounted directly into Avant loaders quick attach plate. The result is an inexpensive, handy and easy to use acces platform. With the help of this lift Avant’s versatility is further increased on the job sites. 

The Leguan 50 is mounted directly on to Avants quick attach plate like any other Avant attachment. This makes it fast and easy to mount it on and take it off.

The lift is designed according to all access platform directives and it is CE-certified. The safe working load for the lift is 200 kg which means it is allowed for operation with two men or one man with plenty of tools.


  • An inexpensive access platform with 5 meters working height

  • Safe and legal way to do building repairs, painting, light bulb changes etc.

  • The maximum allowed load on the basket is 200 kg and you are able to use the lift alone

  • Leguan 50 is attached to Avant which makes it easy to set it up in virtually all kinds of terrains

  • The Leguan 50 access platform gives even further possibilities to use your Avant on work sites.

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